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What does God say about adoption?


Why was I adopted?

Why do I feel different from my friends?

What do I tell my friends?

Why Was I Adopted?

Why Did God make Adoption?

God has an ideal plan for how families are made, so how does adoption fit in?

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What Do I Say to Other People?

How do I explain adoption to my friends? What if someone makes fun of me?

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Is it Okay to Get Mad about Being Adopted?


Sometimes I get upset, is that bad?
What about my other feelings?

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Mother and Daughter Hugging
Boys Relaxing After Workout
Mother and Daughter Hugging

Is anyone famous adopted? Who was the first kid adopted?

You may be surprised to find out who you know that was adopted and what they've been able to do because of it!

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Mother and Daughter Hugging
Parent and Child

What about my Birthparents?

Where do they fit in?

Some kids get to see their birthfamilies, some don't. Is that confusing?

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What if I still have questions?

Who can I ask?

We want to hear from you!

We have kids your age who you can ask.

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