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How do you think you can help other people because you were adopted, now as a kid, and even later when you grow up?

Have you ever heard the word, “testimony”? A testimony is usually something we talk about in a court of law. A witness in court will tell their side of the story of what happened while promising they’re telling the truth. A person who is a Christian gives a different kind of testimony. Christians use the word testimony when we talk about telling others what God has done in our lives. If someone is sad and you tell them how you were sad once but feel better now, it will help them feel better. Or if you tell someone how you handle it when someone is mean to you, it can help that person handle it better when someone is mean to them.

A testimony is also our story of how we came to ask Jesus to live in our hearts forever. When we ask Jesus to come into our hearts, it’s because we’ve seen that He is real and that He loves us. There’s always a story behind that choice, and everyone’s story is special to them.

Adoption is now part of your testimony forever. You can see how Jesus has been with you even before you were born, and that He loved you so much that He chose you to be adopted. You can use your adoption testimony to help other kids who were adopted and are sad about it. You can use your adoption testimony to encourage adults to consider adoption. And you can use your adoption testimony to lead others to ask Jesus to live in their hearts! That’s pretty exciting!

We would love to answer your questions or hear your testimony and put it on the website!


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