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Adoption is a question very smart people have tried to figure out for a long time. But God is so much smarter than all of us, and “He works all things together for good”. Sometimes even if we don't understand, we just must trust Him and have faith that if He allows adoption, it must be a good thing! From the beginning of the world, God made moms and dads. The book of Genesis in the Bible describes how God made Adam and Eve and how He made them to be and live together (“And God said, ‘It is good that man should not be alone!’”). He told Adam and Eve that they should make lots of babies together and live together as husband and wife. This is God’s perfect plan for moms and dads: a man and a woman who get married first and then become a mommy and daddy.

God knew from the beginning of time that you were going to be adopted into your family! Your mom and dad were created to be your mom and dad. He designed and built something incredibly special just for you!


Your birthmom and birthdad love you more than anything else in the whole world.

Most moms and dads would do anything for their babies. When you get hurt, they’re hurt. When you’re sad, they’re sad. They want the best for you your whole life and want to protect you from every bad thing that could come your way. This is why your birthmom and birthdad chose adoption.


Your very best chance at happiness, safety, security, and love are with the people that adopted you, they knew. And while it hurt so badly to place you into another family, your birthmom and birthdad were so unselfish they took the hurt and let you be adopted into a family that loves you and would do anything for you, too.

Think about that: you have TWO families that love you so much they’d do anything for you. How lucky are you!


Your mom and dad flew all the way around the world to get you, how cool is that! Your parents probably had to wait a long time to bring you home.

Do you remember being in your birth-country? If you do, the memories might not be so good.

Or if you don't remember your birth-country, it's totally normal to be curious and wish you knew where you came from.

No matter what you know or don't know about your birthstory, you can probably guess that your birthmom and birthdad weren't able to take care of you. This led you to be placed in a group home or orphanage for a time. But with God's awesome plan, your parents were dreaming and praying that they would be able to bring you home as soon as possible.


Being in foster care was the hardest thing ever, right? You've been hurt, you've been scared, and you probably didn't understand why this was happening. 

First of all, know that we are so sorry that happened to you. Nobody in the whole world deserves to be treated like that, and it's not fair that you've had to go through things most people don't have to.

You know that your birthparents weren't able to give you the care you deserve, and hopefully you know that THAT ISN'T YOUR FAULT! 

Now that you're older, you can and should talk more with your parents about all the things that happened to you, and what led you to finally finding your forever home, safe and protected. 

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